Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Parental Alienation Related Case Law and Resources

Parental alienation, where children are refusing to come to contact, is one of the most painful and difficult areas of family law.

We promised we'd be uploading integrated case law libraries as part of our Family Law App... and the fifth has been uploaded today to support our range of guides aimed at supporting parents where contact has broken down (for the case law library, click on the image to the left)

Where publicly available, the full text of judgments is available to be read onscreen or downloaded for use in proceedings. We've dramatically slimmed down the file sizes to make the information fast loading in the event you're leaning out of a court window struggling to get a mobile phone reception!

More libraries are coming over the next fortnight as part of the current upgrade project.

Know your options, understand the approaches that senior courts recommend in relation to contact breakdown (make reference to the Parental Alienation Case Law Library), know the tools available, and be pro-active in making recommendations to the court.

If experts are suggested to assist in contact being re-established such as psychologists or counsellors, make sure you check them out to ensure they're properly qualified, experienced, and members of relevant professional organisations. In 2012, an investigation found 20% had no qualifications at all, and a further 20% lacked the necessary experience. Tools to help you check are provided in our Useful Directories section.