Sunday, 22 June 2014

Family Law App: Help with Crisis Situations and More

In the event you missed it, we've built our Crisis Menu into our main Resolving Disputes section.

You'll find practical, step-by-step answers and approaches to the most common crisis situations, whether your children and ex-partner are missing, you're facing a psychological assessment, there is risk of domestic violence, the children are at immediate risk of harm, it's disputed you're the father, you're not seeing your child, you face false allegations or your ex-partner is threatening to take the children abroad or move some distance away.

Whether or not the parent faces these crisis situations, knowledge of what you might do in these situations can reassure and reduce stress. 

Sections on Contact Enforcement, Internal Relocation, Leave to Remove, Parental Alienation and Paternity Testing will have dedicated case law libraries in support. We should have this section of the project concluded within the next two weeks (three of these libraries are already live, and we'll be reviewing case law as we go).
New on our Resolving Disputes Menu is a dedicated Welfare and CAFCASS section, including guides on CAFCASS, Family Assistance Orders, the role of the Guardian-Ad-Litem, Parenting Information Programmes, and a new page giving suggestions when meeting CAFCASS

Click on any of the images to be taken directly to those pages or use the links.