Saturday, 23 July 2011

Practice Guidance: McKenzie Friends - formatted for Kindle

Following a discussion with a friend who is also a McKenzie Friend, we have published the court's Practice Guidance on McKenzie Friends in kindle format.

My friend had gone to court to support a litigant-in-person where the other party was represented by both a solicitor and barrister. The barrister objected to the presence of a McKenzie Friend (so much for the belief in an equality of arms!). The judge thankfully refused the barrister's request, but the McKenzie Friend mentioned that in future, he would always intend to have a copy of the Practice Guidance with him.

My friend noticed that the barrister had a IPad. He asked me if I'd format the Practice Guidance so he could have it permanently stored on his kindle.

To download the Practice Guidance, simply click on the picture. You can then copy it to your kindle, or to a smart phone or tablet device.

You'll need to download Amazon's free kindle software here to be able to open and read our Kindle format reference guides. More resources will be added to further assist McKenzie Friends and Litigants-in-Person.