Tuesday, 9 September 2014

We support 38degrees campaign against the bedroom tax

The bedroom tax targets the most vulnerable people in our country.

It forces people to move or pay more rent if they have a “spare” room, even if there aren’t any other homes to go to. It’s left some on the brink of losing their homes, and forced others into debt. It has been one of the many reasons why the Union is currently at risk, as people become sickened with iniquitous policies and politicians removed from the hardship of the public.

Last week, 38 Degrees members asked MPs to vote for a new law that would repeal some of the worst parts of this unfair tax. The good news is that the vote went the right way. Please check if your MP supported the change, and if not, please contact them via the following link:


It only takes 2 minutes of your time. 2 MINUTES!

If your MP did not support the changes, an email from you now, asking him/her to vote for the law next time, will help show the strength of feeling on this subject. You’ll be one of many people in your area leaving your MP in no doubt that you want him/her to fight the bedroom tax. Some MPs may have made up their minds about what to do next, but others will be hesitating over their next move. Hundreds of emails from us could tip the balance.

Here’s what some MPs have been saying about the impact 38 Degrees members had on their decision: “I have re-organised my constituency diary and intend to attend this important debate in Parliament tomorrow.” Louise Ellman MP “I have listened long and hard to your good self and many others who hate this disgraceful tax. I am happy to tell you that I am going to attend, and, hopefully, speak in the debate, and support the motion.”

We support 38degrees in this important campaign. Please join us.

Bedroom Tax
It may interest you to learn that at a tribunal appeal in Liverpool, a father has recently won his case that the bedroom tax breached his and his children's human rights to family life. His children had homes with both himself and his ex-wife. Not legal precedent, but a start...

The Bedroom Tax has impacted upon tens of thousands of non-resident parents and their children. If you have your children stay with you for several nights a week, you can still find yourself told by the Government to give up their bedrooms or face fines (essentially, what the bedroom tax is for non-compliance). This has affected parents who are disabled, and we're sickened by and have always opposed this policy.

The Government gave little thought to the impact on children of non-resident parents. Lord Freud suggested on radio that non-resident parents have their children sleep on a sofa bed when they stay overnight. A father asked him whether it was appropriate to have his two boys and daughter share a single sofa bed. The stuttering Lord hadn't thought of this (parents having more than one child), but being out of touch and not thinking through the impact of knee jerk changes is at the heart of this Government's policy.