Monday, 2 June 2014

Family Law App - Update, and Download Packs now online

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A further update on progress on the new family law app and content.

Please bear with us as the new content goes online. This has been a huge project. Over 1,000,000 words of content, and aimed at detailed process mapping of family law making it accessible for all.

We can confirm the Dyslexia and Court pack is back among 4 free download packs (accessed via our Shop page), with another 16 covering applications and various stages / aspects of the court process.

New Content
  • All free online guides are now available. Search content via application menus or via a Full Content List.
  • Draft Court Orders have been added to our Court Forms (now Court Forms and Draft Orders) section.
  • Child Arrangements Orders download pack (is now available in our Shop including our child arrangements order and mediation guides, a checklist for applications, the necessary court forms and the court services' process flowchart and guides to applying to court and court fees.
  • C110A added in respect of Emergency Protection Orders (included in the EPO pack via the Shop and as part of the Court Forms page).
  • C7 Form also added.
  • CAFCASS's Commissioning Directory added to our Parenting Information Programme page.
  • CAFCASS's Family Assistance Order Guidance added as a download to our Family Assistance Order page.
  • Mediation guide and Form FM1 now included with all Section 8 order packs in our shop.
  • Domestic Violence Perpetrator Programme Leaflet and Questions and Answers Leaflet added to our Domestic Violence page as button links.
Content Updated/Added
  • Links to case law kindle books updated in our Shop
  • Court Forms - All forms updated.
  • Our CAFCASS pack now includes for reference, Working Together To Safeguard Children, CAFCASS's Child Protection Policy, Complaints Guidance (updated), Reporting to Court Policy and Guidance, CAFCASS's Policy Framework, their Family Assistance Order Guidance, and a blank Section 7 Report, as well as our own guide and a tips sheet for assessment meetings.
  • All 20 download packs in our Shop have been fully updated.
Bug Fixes
  • Due to a data corruption in our court forms library in early May, the old C100 form and certain others were restored by our web host in place of the new forms. This is now fixed, and required a full rebuild of the library. We took this opportunity to load additional forms for more specialist areas of family law.
  • Download packs. Some browsers don't recognise blank spaces in file names. We've renamed download files to adjust for this.
In Progress
  • Case law libraries - full content in stripped down html for fast loading - 4 libraries completed (Internal Relocation - Leave to Remove - Paternity Testing - Interim Contact case law uploaded including print and online versions of judgments). .
  • Parental Alienation - Section 91.14 - Occupation Orders - Shared Residence case law libraries in progress.
  • Family Law Dictionary - part complete.
  • Search functionality follows completion of content when a site map can be completed to power the integral search engine.
  • Children Act 1989 - to be built in our html format for reference.
  • CMEC/CSA page to be updated following recent changes.
  • A section on shared residence within child arrangement orders.
We're getting there, but it was and is a huge project. Bear with us!