Thursday, 12 December 2013

A Christmas Message to the Legal Profession

Today was meant to be a day for wrapping up presents. Ho Ho? No :(

The phone calls start... so a little poem for Christmas, and a message to all legal advisers, please kick your clients' backsides to behave this Christmas.

You can tell it’s almost Christmas
There’s more letters in the post
Will Santa get to judge which parent’s
Misbehaved the most?

You can tell it’s almost Christmas
The last chance for Christmas spite
With contact being broken
Allegations in full flight.

It’s not easy being Santa
There’s a dent in Christmas cheer
When planning his deliveries
Will the little ones be here?

So let’s think about the children
And question parents’ suspect aims
Please think about those children...
Don't encourage nasty games.

Please remind your clients that you cannot recommend or support their breaking a contact order, and the court's decision, without the matter being returned to court and decided by the court FIRST! To do otherwise is supporting your client in contempt of court, and being a party to contempt of court.

If it's that serious, then ask for an abridged hearing!