Tuesday, 23 October 2012

John Hemming's Family Justice Bill

John Hemming MP is pushing for legislative changes to bring greater transparency and protection for families in public law. John has been a leading light in supporting families whose children are removed by social services. No-one has been more outspoken on this subject, and he's assisted private family law campaigners in the past by raising early day motions in support in Parliament.

His Bill can be read here...


How you can help? Email your MP making them aware of the Bill... Not sure what to write, please feel free to take from the following wording, if you agree with his proposals... I also recommend you download a copy of the Bill, and attach it to your email to your MP.

Dear [MP],

I wonder if you're aware of John Hemming MP's up and coming private members bill. A copy is attached.

Mr Hemming has come up with proposals to introduce safeguards to help reduce miscarriages of justice and improve support for litigants involved in court proceedings. His explanatory notes reasonably explain why he feels such steps are necessary, and what his proposed legislative amendments will achieve.

Certainly an area for debate, and where there needs to be Government attention.

I would welcome your support for this, if you felt able, and write for the purpose of bringing the matter to your attention.

Yours sincerely,
[Your address... you must include this for your MP to know you're their constituent]