Wednesday, 10 October 2012

5 Top Must Dos (or to my mind Don'ts) dealing with Domestic Violence

I just had tweeted to me an article on the top 5 MUST do things when dealing with domestic violence. The article was in Huffington Post today... I'm astonished it's not only been written, but published and then tweeted???

Fair enough, we agree with point one, get the police involved early and don't wait for physical violence... but the no.2 suggestion is to get your partner psychologically evaluated (to see if the relationship is reparable)... and in context, presumable before you separate (to see if the relationship is reparable)? What... ask nicely or have them sectioned? At what stage do you ask someone who has control and violence issues to go see a shrink? What words would you use?

A MUST DO? Not a maybe... but a MUST!

The alternative to a polite request is what? Have them sectioned? In the UK, it isn't enough that they run up and down the high street naked, covered in blue pain and waving an axe. You'll only get them sectioned once they use the axe!

Have them evaluated? Sorry, but this strikes me as not only inane, but thoughtless and potentially dangerous advice without a great deal more supporting information.

Read it for yourself, but I'm shocked to see this in the Huffington Post.

Nice to see mention of DV against men in an article, just wish those stats were attached to a more responsible piece of advice.