Sunday, 1 May 2011

New Content - New Guides @ The Custody Minefield

Two new guides have been published, and a little over 6000 words of new content. Now 36 guides, all free, optimised for smartphone or PC use.

The first new guide is on applying to the court for a Seek and Find Order. For those situations where:

  • One parent has come home, to find the children and ex-partner have left the home, and they don't know where they have gone; OR
  • After separation, one parent moves, without informing the other of their address, and contact stops; AND
  • Similar situations where a parent wishes to apply to the courts, but doesn't know where their ex-partner and children are living.

The second guide is on 'Choosing, Instructing and Using a Solicitor'.

We've also updated all 36 smartphone guides, for easier reading, and improved navigation. You can access them all from our Family Law Menu.