Wednesday, 30 June 2010

New digital book on shared residence

The Custody Minefield's e-Guide to Shared Residence

A 91 page digital book on shared residence and shared parenting, including definitions, case law, court forms, MSword templates, shared parenting research findings, checklists, legal arguments, a guide on making an application for shared residence and checklists for case management.

What do you get? A digital book in a self contained .exe format. Once payment is made, simply accept the download and open the file (a download box will open once you have made your payment). Once downloaded, run the file (a little over 2 megabytes in size).

Once the book is open, click the cover to turn the page, and there are simple instructions to take you from there. Easy to use, a wealth of information and content. Do not forget to save it!

Priced £15 - Buy it now