Thursday, 17 June 2010

Heavens, it's Mostyn again

With some measure of trepidation, I find myself applauding Mr Justice Mostyn for the second time in as many days.

It is not a fear of being seen to be a fan of Mostyn that worries me, or praising a member of the judiciary, or for that matter having to answer allegations that I might have 'gone native'. There is almost a compulsion to parody the chants from a 1990s chat show, and stand outside his court cheering 'Go Nicky, Go Nicky'. I'm sure he shudders at the thought almost as much as I do.

Simply, Mr Justice Mostyn has produced yet another judgment where he cuts through the 'fluff' (in this case being 179 allegations and a bundle of 1,600 pages), and does so fulfilling his inquisitorial role, and with a large degree of pragmatism. The trial had become a circus, costing the father £120,000 and the state a similar amount on behalf of the mother. Appeal and retrial were sought, despite shared care now existing between the parties. The case had become a post separation litigation fuelled show rather than being centered on the best arrangements for the children. Mostyn, without red nose or painted tears, sends the circus packing.

I find I am now anticipating a 'Mostyn judgment' in much the same way as some of my contemporaries await an England victory at the World Cup. Does the High Court allow vuvuzelas in the public gallery?