Monday, 11 June 2007

Review in the Magistrates' Magazine - June 2007

This is one of those books which you wish didn’t have to be written. However, as it says in the introduction that ‘following divorce, up to a fifth of parents lose contact with their children’, it is good to find that someone has chosen to write about this subject and put children at the forefront of any discussions and the decisions which need to be made.

Through the use of plain English, Michael Robinson clearly and succinctly leads parents through the various routes they may take, explaining even the most basic of matters, such as tips for court attendance. Frank advice is given and if it is unlikely that a parent is going to be granted a residence order then it is explained why. Without being prescriptive, he also suggests that parents use mediation if at all possible.

The book is supplemented by a comprehensive and up to date website,, which offers discussion forums, chat rooms and surveys.

In my opinion this book should be made available to any parents who are separating – it could save them a lot of expense in legal fees.